• Crossbridge showed sincere interest and care in Cornerstone Bible Church’s future. Additionally, Crossbridge had a previous working relationship with our General Contractor of the expansion which led to an even smoother working environment throughout the construction process.
    — Barry Kehl, Deacon, Finance Chair, Cornerstone Bible Church
  • Crossbridge continues to serve us by performing ongoing financial [analysis] that serve to hold us accountable to good financial practices. Churches, in particular, need good accountability partners.
    — Gene Deverick, Administrative Pastor, Grace Missionary Church
  • St. George benefited from the many years of financial expertise to tailor a funding approach that met our long term and short term goals. The process of evaluating options built confidence in our Parish Council and ultimately delivered a loan package that was extremely competitive. Working through Crossbridge proved to be an efficient means of securing a loan through a lender that understands the financial considerations of our long standing parish. We found Crossbridge to be very customer focused and accommodating during the process, which was very transparent and collaborative, leading to a greater understanding of managing our financial operations. We will benefit from the thoughtful advice that we received during the process, allowing us to manage operations more efficiently. This faith based lender has exceeded our expectations.
    — Tom Assalley, Parish Council Member, St. George Orthodox Christian Church

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