We believe in the value of partnership.

It is fundamental to our approach to banking. We know your situation is unique. We will advise you now and in the future as your situation changes. All the while, our focus is equipping you to do what you were called to do.

Perhaps traffic flow is an issue. Or your current lease is almost up. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your new site … or need to build your first one. Whatever issue you’re facing, you’ve decided there is a need to expand, but where do you begin and what will it entail? How much can you afford? And what steps are necessary to raise the money? These are important questions – and we can help you effectively answer them and determine next steps.

  • The greatest value delivered to our church by Crossbridge was assistance in putting together a three year financial projection and preparation of the loan package for use with lenders. In addition, Crossbridge’s knowledge of engineering, construction and church operations allowed you to represent us with the architect, builder and subcontractors in a way that we never could have done for ourselves. All this was done with a Kingdom minded approach to everything.
    — Brian Fike, Executive Director of Operations, Connection Pointe Christian Church
  • Crossbridge is well-versed in what is most important to lenders. They ensured our loan package prominently communicated those items with which lenders are most concerned. It allowed us to move forward with confidence because we knew our project was viable and what we wanted to build was affordable and bankable from a lending perspective.
    — William Douglas, Treasurer, Appleton Alliance Church
    Our work with Appleton Alliance Church was recently featured in Worship Facilities Magazine.
  • Crossbridge has a wealth of experience we don’t carry around with us. This is the kind of project most people or organizations only do once or twice in a lifetime. We really valued their breadth of knowledge of the church design community and their experience on projects of this magnitude or larger.
    — Jim Stanley, Executive Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church

We help facilitate a number of the tough decisions you'll likely face during the course of the project.

Using our proprietary, custom decision tool, we guide clients through an objective, analytical process that draws out the critical components to realizing your vision, giving you clear prioritization and crystallized decision-making. If you’re experiencing seemingly circular conversations or are uncertain of where to even begin, we can provide clear, data-driven answers that will help you make wise decisions and remain good stewards of the resources and opportunities laid before you.

The selection process immediately narrowed the field. It also ensured we remained focused on what we said was most important and did not get swayed by impressions, personal biases, etc.
— Jim Stanley, Executive Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church
Not only was Crossbridge incredibly important in terms of conducting a thorough financial analysis so we knew what was feasible and appropriate, they helped deliver a banking partner that was in line with our church and understood our mission.
— Bruce Smith, Executive Director of Operations, College Park Church

How much can you afford to spend or borrow?

Once you know what you need, you may be wondering how to bring it to reality. It is essential to take an integrated approach to the question of funding a building project. The church must take into consideration its current and future operating needs, the cost of the building project and whether a capital campaign will be part of its funding strategy. Historical data as well as future projections will play a critical role. We have developed a variety of modeling tools to assist in this process.


Compiling a loan package is quite an undertaking.

In today’s economic climate, even more is required for approval. We’ll help compile your loan package and prepare it for submittal. We can also submit your loan package to our network of lending partners to help you secure the most market-competitive loan proposal – one that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • Crossbridge found a way to help us achieve our goal when our lender relationship of 40 years failed in underwriting correctly. Crossbridge’s expertise and relationships with others got our deal done and quickly! They even helped us sharpen up our understanding of how to best handle our fund going forward. We think very highly of the people at Crossbridge.
    — Keith Corder, Elder, Traders Point Church of Christ
  • One of the most valuable things Crossbridge provided us was their network – from the funding partner to relationships with other churches.
    — Bruce Smith, Executive Director of Operations, College Park Church
  • In choosing you to serve as our owner’s representative, we carefully considered the talents, experience, and expertise that you would bring on our behalf. You listened closely and paid attention to our needs and wants and walked us through each step of a fairly complex project. Your forward thinking, flexibility, and can-do attitude made what was at times a challenging project bearable, and in the end, very successful.
    — Jim Stanley, Executive Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church
  • I loved not being involved with the on-site construction meetings and allowing us to step out of the technical details was great. I would absolutely recommend Crossbridge to other churches.
    — Eric Carlson, Pastor of Small Groups and Finance, Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West
  • We could not have made it through our project without Crossbridge. Crossbridge was able to break down the project and help us keep on track. When the dollars got tight Crossbridge helped us come up with cost saving solutions. They also were a great mediator between the architect, builder and owner.
    — Tim Holt, Facilities Director, Connection Pointe Christian Church

We work for you to protect your interests.

An Owner's Representative, a role common in the construction industry, is a professional who works as the owner’s advisor, project manager, and source of accountability for project-related needs. This individual advocates for your priorities during design and construction. Owners are often disadvantaged when it comes to dealing with a construction project in that it is not part of their daily role. A professional Owner's Representative is versed in design, construction, and project management. Having worked on various building projects, we have the experience and expertise to protect the interests of the owner by filling this role.

Benefits you reap are clarity in decision making, ability to focus on your ministry work, expert advice focused on experience and your best interests, problem solving, experienced build team leadership, and documented project information to name a few.