We believe in the value of partnership.

It is fundamental to our approach to banking. We know your situation is unique. We will advise you now and in the future as your situation changes. All the while, our focus is equipping you to do what you were called to do.

Perhaps traffic flow is an issue. Or your current lease is almost up. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your new site … or need to build your first one. Whatever issue you’re facing, you’ve decided there is a need to expand, but where do you begin and what will it entail? How much can you afford? And what steps are necessary to raise the money? These are important questions – and we can help you effectively answer them and determine next steps.

  • The greatest value delivered to our church by Crossbridge was assistance in putting together a three year financial projection and preparation of the loan package for use with lenders. In addition, Crossbridge’s knowledge of engineering, construction and church operations allowed you to represent us with the architect, builder and subcontractors in a way that we never could have done for ourselves. All this was done with a Kingdom minded approach to everything.
    — Brian Fike, Executive Director of Operations, Connection Pointe Christian Church
  • Crossbridge is well-versed in what is most important to lenders. They ensured our loan package prominently communicated those items with which lenders are most concerned. It allowed us to move forward with confidence because we knew our project was viable and what we wanted to build was affordable and bankable from a lending perspective.
    — William Douglas, Treasurer, Appleton Alliance Church
    Our work with Appleton Alliance Church was recently featured in Worship Facilities Magazine.
  • Crossbridge has a wealth of experience we don’t carry around with us. This is the kind of project most people or organizations only do once or twice in a lifetime. We really valued their breadth of knowledge of the church design community and their experience on projects of this magnitude or larger.
    — Jim Stanley, Executive Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church